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Too hot!

I must be about the only person complaining about the mini heatwave, but we’ve been painting the new garden fence today, and it really was too hot! I thought I was going to end up in a little puddle on the garden. There are nine panels and only five done so far, so we’ll be struggling on for a while yet. then the other side of the garden will be done, and that’s 17 panels, but at least it will be getting cooler by the time we get to them.

We had another celebration at the weekend – my uncle’s 70th birthday – so I just had to make him a cake!  He’s a LibDem councillor, hence the rosette.  He’s recently developed a thing for carrot cake, so  I found a good recipe for one suitable for a wedding cake, hoping it would be firm and easy to ice. I prefer to ice rich fruit cakes, and this was the first time I’d tried out putting the roll-out icing on top of soft icing, but it worked really well, and gave a similar finish to working on top of marzipan. So I was really pleased.  The cake recipe was great, too, really tasty – we had to try it out the week before, of course! I’m sure I shall be using it again. I found it on


 I did an 8 inch cake for us and a 10 inch one for the birthday cake. And ben and Tess liked it so much I’ve been requested to do it again for Edgar’s 6 month birthday. He’s not going to have a birthday every 6 months (!) but as he’s not having a christening Ben and Tess thought they’d have a family get-together anyway.

In case you wonder, the little circle above Happy Birthday was where the musical candle was going to go!

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I’ve been experimenting with creating digital stamps from my drawings, and this is one of my first efforts. The bride and groom, and the rose used for the background, are my drawings, used in the same way as rubber stamps by printing them on to white card and colouring them with coloured pencils. This is a fairly simple card to show off the bride and groom, I cut them out and raised them up on foam pads then matted them on several colours before raising the mat on foam pads over a background created with lots of the rose motifs put together in Photoshop then printed out.

I’m going to put in two links that should enable anyone who wants to to download the digital stamps for themselves – fingers crossed, I’m not too hot on the technology so hope it works!



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Wet and windy Wales!

Just back from a very wet and windy week in Wales, near Carmarthen. We stayed in a cottage on the edge of Aberglasney Gardens (www.aberglasney.org ). The gardens are absolutely beautiful, and its’ fabulous to have access to them every day. We’ve been going there with friends for four years now. The men go fishing and Jane and I paint, craft, explore the gardens and go off for a bit of retail therapy. It’s a very relaxing week, but the men got a bit of a bum deal this year – the weather and the fishing was not good, and my poor Jim’s back went on the last but one day.  Hope they’re not put off as it works very well for Jane and I! I made a start on my Christmas cards – a couple of pix will follow when I unpack all my crafting stuff – it was almost  like moving house all over again! We had one day with good weather, and I took lots of  photos of the gardens – they’re very inspiring and well worth a visit. They had become derelict and have been restored over the past twenty years. There is a wonderful peaceful atmosphere there, even when there are lots of visitors there, and we love our visits.

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