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Seaside sampler for Sandie

So much preparation and it’s all over so quickly. It almost feels as though we missed it this year, as I had a rotten cold so wasn’t feeling very festive, and it was a very quiet Christmas, just the two of us. We had been looking forward to it but I have to admit I felt miserable, and we were a bit worried over Christmas about Jon, too, as he was very poorly on his own in London instead of enjoying himself in Edinburgh. Still, we’re all feeling better now, and luckily we did have a good family get-together the weekend before Christmas – even had an impromptu Christmas dinner at Jon’s request rather than the lasagne I’d planned. Lucky for Jon as all he could eat on Christmas Day was a few veg mashed with gravy, due to a serious throat infection.

I feel at a  bit of a loss now, as the run-up to Christmas was a mad rush to finish various projects for Chrstmas presents – including the seaside sampler, above, that I stitched for my sister-in-law Sandie – and I don’t have any projects on the go at all. Sandie  and Alan have just bought a caravan down in Cornwall and decorated it in seaside style,  but I did originally start out to stitch a picture for them  rather than a wall hanging. It took longer to stitch than I expected, so I ordered a frame before it was done, and miscalculated, so a few days before Christmas I was frantically looking for a suitable frame that would actually fit when I had an inspiration and turned it into a wall-hanging. I managed to get some suitable stripey fabric and I think it probably worked better. The bit of driftwood they found to hang it from looks perfect, doesn’t it?
Now that my cold has gone I shall be looking for one or two new projects  –  some painting for a change I think, having knitted and stitched myself to a standstill with all  the Christmas presents. Although I did say I wanted to master knitting socks , so maybe I’ll be getting the double ended needles out to wrestle with once again.
Still New Year to look forward to though. We don’t usually do much, but as Mum was away with Alan and Sandie over Christmas we’ve asked her to come here for New Year, and having family here for tea on New Year’s Day.  So good job the cold’s gone- touch wood – and Jim hasn’t got it – touch wood! Fingers crossed!

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Time Flies!



Wow, what a hectic few weeks  it seems to have been. I had an art exhibition and a craft fair together one weekend, so a lot of time went into preparing for those, plus all the usual things at this time of year. Last week was the TG carol service, and we won a stack of sachets of Dorset Cereals gingerbread porridge to hand out to everyone there, that went down very well as you can imagine. And we’ve had two lots of close friends here for meals this last weekend, which was lovely. But I don’t seem to have got round to adding anything to the blog for a long time.

This week is , at last, looking a bit quieter. Time to relax a little before our “mini Christmas” on Sunday –  as we won’t behaving Jon or Ben here on Christmas Day we thought we’d do something the weekend before to get everyone together .Jon is off to Edinburgh, and Ben is, of course, hoping for a quiet day at home so he and Tess can enjoy their first Christmas as parents. They are popping in on Christmas Eve though.

standing and working the noisy bits himself now!

We are trying to make the most of Eggles as they have announced they are off to Vancouver for a nine-month contract in January. We are devastated, of course, at missing out on so much of Edgar’s first years, but we do realise it is very exciting for them all and a great opportunity, so are trying to be positive about it. We will visit them – have already decided on June – but I am dreading the flying.  The thought of having to go to Canada seemed almost as bad as the thought of not seeing them for so long, at first, but Jim has booked me onto a Flying Without Fear course run by Virgin Atlantic, in February, so I am pinning my hopes on that.  It had better work, as my stomach is churning already just at the thought of flying all that way!


Eggles is growing fast – he’s now crawling very well and pulling himself up to stand. We had him on Friday morning so Tess could go Christmas shopping, and enjoyed taking him out in his pram. We took him to the Sandpits Park at the end of our road, and he was fascinated by the water in the stream that runs down through the park. We just hope they really will only be gone for nine months as we look forward to taking him to play in  the park when he’s walking.

We’re babysitting again on Wednesday evening, so are making the most of him while he’s here, and enjoying him. He is just so gorgeous!

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