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I love working with patterned papers, and thought this super floral paper was great for a teapot. My original idea was just to have a teapot pouring flowers, but the teapot looked so great I went on to do the cup and saucer as well, which changed the whole card  The flowers had to be tiny but luckily I found some tiny Doodlebug paper flowers in a pot on my desk, and they did the trick. There was a lovely matching paper in the set that  had spots and tiny flowers on, and I used that for the background, and for the tiny punched hearts. All the papers are edged with ink to emphasise the shapes. I wanted the teapot and the cup to stand out, but I need to send this card through the post so instead of foam pads  I used a couple of layers of card on the backs of the shapes to lift them up.

This was a very self-indulgent card, using papers patterns and shapes that I love, and I hope my sister-in-law will like it too when she receives it on her birthday.


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Just finished my first olympic pennant. An organisation called Quilts4london is planning to give a pennant to each of the athletes attending the Olympic Games in London next year – that’s quite a lot of pennants to be made. They give standard measurements and instructions on their website , and as long as they don’t use any of the official logos etc people can decorate the pennants with whatever they like. I chose the flowers of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.  They were used for the Townswomen’s Guilds’ 60th anniversary celebrattions in 1989, and I still have my badge from then to use as inspiration!

I used lining fabric to make my pennant, then cut out felt flower shapes to position on a white felt circle. I fixed them in place with Bondaweb and added some stitched details with embroidery threads . Then I edged the circle with satin binding and fixed it in place with Bondaweb and a few stitches.

Full details for anyone wanting to make a pennant can be found on www.quilts4london.org.uk

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 Inspired by the giant teacups full of plants at Kingston Lacey I made this card for my daughter-in-law’s birthday. I wanted to get the slightly surreal effect of paintings where the angles are all wrong and everything is  very flat. It didn’t quite work out like that but it’s a bit of fun. I was going to use bright colours then I found this old set of papers in pretty pastels that gave a rather gentle, soft effect. I had to edge the papers with ink to firm up the edges because of the soft colours, and I found it was easiest to us a brush pen to edge the flowers as the ink pads were too clumsy, but it was quite a quick and easy card to do and I might do it again using different papers, as it would be suitable for so many occassions.

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Had fun at Articulate again last night, working on this small piece of canvas art. Unfortunately now it’s finished I think it looks more like a fun handbag, so I might just reproduce it again in a different format! The flowers were made from ribbon gathered or pleated into circles. I saw some similar embellishments  in an American scrapbook mag and thought I’d try making them with this set of matching ribbons I’ve had for ages and never found a use for. I love the colours but I’m not sure now how they will look on the wall! Still, it was fun, and I’ve got another idea from it.

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Had a great time  today playing with one of the rubber stamps donated to Articulate for members to use. I wanted to produce a few things to inspire people to have a go when we get the stamps out at a meeting. It was great to delve into my stash and find things I haven’t used for ages and forgot I had – have to use really up to date stuff doing projects for the magazine of course so lots of stuff gets put away and forgotten . I can’t bear to throw things away so this was a great use for some of the older stuff and made me glad I’d kept it.

It’s interesting to see just how different one stamp can be, used in different ways ,  with different colours and textures. I love stamping on patterned paper and was pleased with the subtlety of the shimmering pearlescent powder on the  peachy pink paper for the tall card.

It’s quite hard to believe this is the same stamp, the black and the strong colours  make it look so graphic. I coloured the gaps using gel pens and the effect is a litttle bit like stained glass.

I think  the shimmery pale butterfly is my favourite though!

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Had a really good night at Articulate ( the art and crafts group at the hall across the road from us) on Friday. Rachel, the secretary, showed us what she does with canvases using fabrics, buttons, bead ribbons etc to make fabulous pictures, and she got us all inspired to have a go. I decided to do something simple to hang on our bedroom wall, and used some cream curtain lining and some patterned cotton to make this heart, then stitched some old buttons on to it. It was great fun, and I’m going to go out and get myself a few more canvases to experiment with.

It’s great to be inspired by other people and go off in new directions, but this week it’s back to the paper craft , as I have a meeting with Jenny Dixon from Papercraft Inspirations to think about some Christmas ideas. I never quite get used to working on Christmas in the summer, but at least I do have a few ideas!

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What a  miserable wet day it’s been today. Luckily I’ve been shut away in my loft studio – I am so going to miss it when we move – enjoying a day’s paper crafting. I finished three cards for PaperCraft Inspirations, and started playing around with some ideas for my second Christmas workshop in Bath. I plan to explore lots of different ways to add shimmer and sparkle  to some small Christmas decorations that can be hung on the tree, used to decorate parcels or crackers, or even used for last minute cards. Here are a couple of the designs I finished today. It’s fun to be able to play around without any limitations on materials or themes, and I do love a bit of glitz! I imagine I will have produced quite a few of these by the time the workshop comes round on December 6th. Full details are on my website – www.shirleytoogood.com.

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