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Eggles is 6 months old

There was a bit of a dinosaur theme, with hats and cups too

It’s a bit unusual to have a 6 months old birthday party, but as Ben and Tess aren’t having Edgar christened they thought his 6 months birthday would be a good excuse for a family get -together, so we’ve had a lovely party today at their flat. Four generations were there,  with his  two great-grandmothers , and the birthday boy was in great form. He didn’t seem to mind being the floor show – he’s nearly there with the crawling now – and was quite happy to be passed from person to person. His Mummmy and his Auntie Agata played Happy Birthday and his Daddy blew out the candle on the cake that I made. And, as you would expect, he liked the blue wrapping paper more than any of the pile of presents he was given!

He seems to like the book I made for him...

It’s lovely how a new baby unites the generations and brings such pleasure to everyone. And it was really good to have such a great get-together. Ben and Tess worked hard and gave us a lovely day.

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