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The coast a few miles down from St Ives

We’ve just had a really lovely trip to Cornwall. We’re working our way round the coast of Great Britain, and, having done Wales, North Somerset, North Devon and North Cornwall, had got as far as St Ives. So this time we’ve been moving along the south coast, and had a fabulous time. We were very lucky for weather most of the time, and even when it rained we managed to time it right so as not to be out in it. We have a small motorcaravan, so have somewhere cosy if it does rain, and we do tend to spend quite a bit of time parked up looking at the lovely sea views, drinking tea or coffee or reading the paper – very relaxed – but we do also do explore the beaches, harbours and small towns when the weather allows, and this time  we managed quite a bit more walking than usual.

If only it was always like this...

One of the things that amazed us was how quiet the campsites were. We normally choose small campsites, but this time we just stopped at the first sites we came to when we felt we’d gone far enough for the day, and some of them were very large sites where we were almost on our own. It was lovely. On this site we had an amazing view down to a lake, and there was no-one else anywhere near us. I bet it’s a different story in the summer!
In fact everywhere was quiet – a couple of times we were the only people on a beach or harbourside, which was a real pleasure.  Parking was never a problem. It came as a bit of a shock on our last day, when we’d crossed into Devon and reached Dartmouth on the Saturday at the beginning of half-term, to find it heaving with people! There was a food festival going on there too. Luckily we’d decided to call it a day then anyway, as bad weather was forecast for the south coast on Sunday, so we headed home after having had a week of real peace and quiet,  amidst beautiful scenery, that really recharged our batteries. 

Can't remember the name of this place , but it was beautiful...


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