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I have spent the best part of the last two days putting together an application  for the first stage towards  being credited with sufficient previous learning experience to cover the first level of a distance learning Creative Arts degree through the Open College of the Arts – www.oca-uk.com – and I can’t believe quite how exhausting it’s been.  The first level of the degree comprises three units, which in my case would, I hope,  be Drawing Skills, Writing Skills, and Illustration, and as I’ve done a lot of all three things over the years I am hoping I will be able to skip the first level and begin at the second. 

 I am very excited to have found this degree, as it combines some of the things I most love doing and offers a lot of variety. But it has been surprisingly difficult putting together a portfolio for each and making a convincing case  within the requirements for a pre-application application, which will give me an idea for £50 whether I am likely to be successful and if it’s worth paying the  £250 for a full application. It’s possible to send more information with the full application, and I am worried I won’t send the right  bits first time to convince them I have a chance. The standard of my work should speak for me, I know, but I cleared out so much stuff last year when  we moved and this year has been so busy that I haven’t  done so much,  so I’m not sure I’ve got enough variety. And where I’ve had choices have I chosen the right one?   Oh dear!

Still, I can only give it a go, and I’ve certainly spent a lot of time trying to make it a persuasive bid,  so now I will send it off and keep my fingers crossed!


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